Reaching to the stars – we look for the space studies

On 16th of June POLSA has organized the online meeting to help to choose the filed of the studies related to space technologies.

The meeting has opened Mr. Marek Moszyński – vice president of POLSA. After the opening the students from POLSA student’s council describes their experiences. Students have declare that the important is to join any student’s project at the university and to look for students space projects. They add that every filed of the study could be accurate for space projects. Not only the robotics or engineering but also project management, law or medicine. It is also a chance to participate in the international conferences. They notice also how important is to learn foreign languages as English or French.

After all students presentation there was an discussion on how to teach about space and how to find yourself on the study. During this session there are speaking teachers or scientists who works with young people and teach them about space technologies. Our experts explain how to achieve the basic experience. They also underline how important is to join the student’s science clubs. Students who are engaged to sciences clubs always have a bigger chance to find the job in the space sector after their study.

Last session includes specialists who were speaking about possibilities and technologies in space sector. They also try to describe cooperation between universities and entrepreneurship. There is strong connection between aerospace and space engineering. Every field like marketing, law or project management is helpful with space projects. Robotics is going stronger in the space. New interesting field could be a space mining. There is a need for legal regulations in the polish space sector.